Brooklyn, NY

Terms of Service

Until further notice, all live classes/sessions are online via video conferences.

When purchasing a pass, pay careful attention to the expiration dates. It is your responsibility to ensure you recall the expiration dates and use all your classes/sessions prior to the expiration date.

There is s strict cancellation policy of 12 hours prior notice to avoid forfeiting the class/session.

There is a Strict No Refund Policy.

Strict No Walk In policy.  To secure a spot, book class/session prior to arrival using the Vagaro app.

Classes/sessions without a booking 60 minutes prior to class time will be cancelled without prior notice.

Classes/sessions are not transferable to another person.

Minors above the age of 9 require an account on the app and a purchased pass to participate in a class/session.

Mats are provided for onsite classes/sessions.

For your safety, exercise sneakers are required unless specifically directed otherwise by the instructor depending upon the class/session format.

Bring sweat towels to onsite classes/session, wear comfortable workout clothing.

To help prevent injury, you are required to participate in a warm up period at the beginning of your participation in the class/session.